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IE activities at Corfu

Miguel A. Sicilia and Salvador Sanchez-Alonso arrived in Corfu island as part of the (as a joke) so-called IE Greek tour 2007. Nice town but a very busy time by the way, as we first faced two days meetings for the LUISA project to afterwards get fully involved in the activities of MTSR 2007.

Corfu old town

Anyway, there is always time to relax with some local friends (see Dr. Lytras in the picture below) and to open new opportunities for collaboration. Together with, of course, some time to taste the excellent Greek cuisine.

Dr. Lytras and Miguel

Below some Spanish guys at the entrance of the main building of the Ionian University. José Emilio Labra (University of Oviedo), Julià Minguillón (Open University of Catalonia) and Miguel-Angel and Salvador from IE.


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