Over Los Andes

IE member Salvador Sanchez-Alonso will be this week in the university of San Luis (Argentina) teaching a course on learning technologies and doing some research work. The trip from Spain is indeed very long: 13.5 hours from Madrid to Santiago de Chile. 6 hours waiting in Santiago for the flight to Mendoza to depart to the angentinian capital city of wine. From there, an omnibus to San Luis which takes nearly 4 hours to get to San Luis and that’s it.

This is a very beautiful country, and even though the city of San Luis is not particularly attractive from a touristic perspective, for those in love with south america (I am for sure one of them) it is a nice opportunity to taste the lively atmosphere of the city and to take lots and lots of snapshots of the city, its cars and its people.

This one in particular was taken while flying over Los Andes, from Santiago de Chile to Mendoza. Enjoy.

Over Los Andes


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