LUISA meeting at Sestri Levante

We had a LUISA project meeting at the small town of Sestri Levante, near Genoa. Sestri is an interesting place for planning some vacations, but the schedule of the meeting was so demanding that we were not be able to enjoy the place.

Elena Mena and Raquel Rebollo from our group were with me (Miguel-Angel) and we were basically doing integration testing of the different components of the LUISA architecture. However, we had time the first night to enjoy tasting some Gnocchi at a nice restaurant in front of the beach.

The rooms at Hotel Due Mari were small but charming. In this picture Elena Mena is in the balcony of her room form which she and Raquel could easlily communicate with Miguel-Angel’s room. A curious arrangement!

Below left you have Raquel at the meeting room, and below right Ramiro (up) and Alberto are decorating the Lab with the latest dissemination-oriented LUISA poster, which was distributed at the Sestri meeting.


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