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Erla Morales Ph.D dissertation – Salamanca University

I (Miguel-Angel) formed part of the committee evaluating the Ph.D. dissertation of Erla Morales (April 24th 2008), about pedagogy, quality and learning objects. You can get an idea of the work presented by reading this paper (coauthored with her two Ph.D. supervisors):


It was a really good dissertation and I enjoyed discussing on issues as reusability, context and quality of leaning resources and metadata. After the dissertation we had a really nice dinner at restaurant La Hoja.


  Since the dissertation was friday at 18. 30, I went with my wife and two kids to Salamanca. Saturday morning I was with Miguel-Angel (my son) visting the rests of the Church of San Cebrián, known as the “Cueva de Salamanca” which is surrounded by legends and mysteries. It is said that the devil was something like a “professor” of black arts at that cave, contrasting his with the teachings of the University. The place gives you an extrange feeling, if you have the opportunity go and visit it, especially in the night!




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