Teaching innovation event

This morning I (Miguel-Angel) gave a talk on “evidence-based instructional design” at the Rectorate building of the University of Alcalá. The event consisted in a round table with several reports on classroom innovation experiences. There were several interesting reports of teachers highly commited to their students, and a thought-provoking discussion afterwards.

I talked about our latest pre-post study on teaching the Model View Controller pattern.

Below some of the participants having lunch after the event. In the right, Carlos Barriuso (Prof. of Law, Univ. of Alcalá, organizer of the event), Arturo de las Heras (Council member, Universidad a Distancia de Madrid) and me. In the left, Alberto Domingo (Prof. of Molecular Biology, Univ. of Alcalá), Asun Miró (Faculty of Medicine, Univ. Extremadura), and Conrado Miró (Prof. CEU University, Seville).


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