Fredrik Paulsson PhD dissertation at KTH

Miguel-Angel is visiting KTH to act as the opponent in the PhD dissertation of Fredrik Paulsson.

Ambjörn Naeve with Miguel-Angel at the entrance of KTH.On top of them, the Kerberos. In Greek Mythology, the Kerberos is a nice animal (three-headed dog with a serpent’s tail, a mane of snakes, and lion’s claws) which guarded the gates of Hades. He was posted to prevent ghosts of the dead from leaving the underworld. Sounds like a job. Since at KTH there are no ghosts (or a least they are not apparent during the morning) it is said that the Kerberos is guarding the workpeace of the researchers inside.

It is really curious that are two Kerberos in the entrance, and the one in the right (not in the picture) has small pig-like mammaries. So there is one male and one female! The artist wanted to save the species, which is someting remarkable given the large amount of endangered species nowadays. Herakles was sent to fetch Kerberos forth from the underworld as one of his twelve labours. Sometimes it looks that we are wrestling the Kerberos in the field of Web technology research since when we have a head controlled, the others are bitting us.

The dissertation of Fredrik Paulsson Ph.D. was the second day at 10.00 am.



Miguel-Angel and Fredrik during the Ph.D. dissertation. Miguel-Angel plays the role of the opponent, so criticizing the Ph.D work and asking questions (row above, left). Fredrik replies and defends the validity of his positions (row above, right).After the opponent is satisfied with the discussion, the committee starts a question round (right). This procedure is not common in Spain, but it fosters a much deeper discussion than only having a round of questions from the committee.After the deliberation of the committee, Fredrik received the good news that he got his Ph.D. It was a really good dissertation. Now we wish Fredrik a productive and exciting academic career!


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