At Kaambal

Miguel-Angel is visiting for a few days the beautiful mexican city of Mérida to giva a talk at the Kaambal 2008 event. Kaambal (which means “learning” in Maya) is a network of research groups around the topics of tele-learning and learning objects. 

Left to right, José Angel Olivas (Castilla La Mancha Univ.), Miguel-Angel and Manuel Prieto (Castilla La Mancha Univ., main organizer of the event.This is after the inaugural session at a conference hall of the Universidad Autónoma del Yucatán. Behind us the big poster of the event with our three names as speakers.

Wendsday night Miguel-Angel and José-Angel went for a walk to taste a delicious Mamey ice-cream at one of the terraces in Paseo de Montejo. We were careful with the trees, just to avoid a hair-raising experience with an alien creature like the one reported here (it is in Spanish but you can watch the chilling video 🙂 ):


Closing session at Kaambal.

Left to right, Edgar (Universidad Autónoma del Yucatán), Manuel Prieto (Castilla La Mancha Univ.) and Luciano (Universidad del Mayab), featuring a lively discussion on the future of the event.

A view of the Facultad de Matemáticas, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. At the back, people preparing the closing dinner.

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