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Organic.Edunet 5th project meeting in Norway

Today and the next two days IE members Alberto Abian and Salvador Sanchez will be in Asker, a town near Oslo, in Norway, to attend to the Organic.Edunet 5th project meeting. Main task for IE in this meeting is to show the rest of the partners a portal mock-up presentation including general interface, semantic navigation and social navigation. IE members will also conduct an interactive session where all partners will comment on the portal mock up and give feedback to UAH for continuing with the development work.
Oslo fjord
On the social side, the meeting is taking place at Holmen FjordHotel, a beautiful location by the Oslo Fjord. Meeting rooms face the Fjord, as well as the restaurant and many of the rooms, which makes of it a nice place to work and relax once meetings have been called off.
In the image above, Alberto, project manager Nikos Manouselis, Salvador and host Aage Steen in the hotel pier relaxing in between sessions.


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