CCITA 2009 – Spanish conquest of Yucatán

This week IE members Miguel Angel and Salvador will be attending to CCITA 2009 a latin american conference on learning objects and learning technologies. They will be givin a workshop on learning objects lifecycle, from birth to death.


But before the conference starts, they will broaden their minds with unvaluable knowledge about the Maya gods -Chac Mol is everybody’s favourite- and secrets. In the picture above, visiting Chichen Itza.

Below Miguel-Angel is in front of “La Iglesia” (the building at the left). La Iglesia is a Puuc-style temple with Chaac (a rain deity) in the middle of the facade.

 Miguel-Angel in front of "La Iglesia", learning about Mayan religion

Miguel-Angel in front of “La Iglesia”, learning about Mayan religion

In “La Iglesia” we can see the four “Bacabes” (sustainers of heaven) two at each side of the Chaac mask in the center. Below you have the pictures.bacabes1bacabes2 It is said that the bacabes are in the form of several animals: armadillo, snail, turtle and crab. Can you identify them in the pictures?


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