Organic.Mednet kick-off in Alcala

IE is leading a new european project in the Transfer of innovation Leonardo da Vinci program. During the last 2 days all the partners that will carry out this new effort, called Organic.Mednet, gathered together in the rectorate building of our university for the kick-off. Organic.Mednet is aimed to facilitate the transfer of innovative training practices and e-learning content to the case of vocational education of young and unemployed agricultural professionals.

The atmosphere was very good during the 2 days, and it was specially exciting the common intention of doing something relevant during the years of the project. In the photo below, representatives of all the partners after the last session posing in the cloister of the University of Alcala.

Standing: From left ro right, Xenia (Technical University of Crete), Christiane (Lebensministerium Austria), Charlie (IFSAT Foundation), Kostas (DIO Greece), Miguel Angel, Elena and Raquel (University of Alcala), Victor (Sociedad Española de Agricultura Ecologica). Down: Sandra and Salvador (University of Alcala) and Bas (IFSAT Foundation)


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