Organic.Edunet 2nd year review

The review of the project Organic.Edunet for the second year is taking place tomorrow, after a year of many development activities for our group. IE member Salvador Sanchez-Alonso is these days in Vienna to attend first to the pre-review meetings and activities that are taking place in the Austrian capital city and second, to present the progress of work package 5 whose leader is the IE research unit.

The agenda for today included a visit to BG/BRG, a school in Schwechat (a city very close to Vienna) where a number of project-related activities have been developed for students to become aware of the benefits of Organic agriculture and agroecology.

Project manager Nikos Manouselis explains the agenda for the day to the project officer

After a few presentations by students and teachers of the school on the development of school scenarios (namely Alles Bio, Hidden fats in potato chips and Compost in the cycle of nature), we had fruitful discussions on several hot topics that will be addressed during the review, most with specific implications for the tasks to carry out during the last year of our project.

From left to right: Nikos (GRNet), Marcel Watelet (Project officer), Evi and Petros (EA)


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