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Organic.Edunet 2nd year review – day 2

Yesterday we had the review at Lebensministerium premises in Stubenring street, a very nice neoclasical building. It was easier than expected, and even if we received a few recommendations and some criticism over a few activities, the reviewers raised the green flag for everybody’s happiness.

In the photos below, two moments of the review: Nikos Manouselis detailing the plan for the project sustainability (“we will be begging” :-)) and IE member Salvador demoing the portal in front of the reviewers.

Left: Nikos Manouselis. Rigth: Salvador Sanchez

Below, the whole “family” happy after the commission representatives raised the green flag. Unfortunately, happiness didn’t last, because our friend Nikos spoiled the night to many with critic comments about the commitment of many partners with the project.

All the project partners posing with the commission representatives after the successful review


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