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Evaluating learning objects quality in MMOL environments

In the framework of a new pHd on the impact of Massively Multiuser Online Learning environments (MMOL) in virtual courses, IE member Salvador Sanchez participates in a pioneering experience on the evaluation of learning objects quality in one of these environments.

Agenda of the session

Run by the pHd candidate Carlos M. Lorenzo, the session uses the collaborative LORI approach, where a group of users contribute their individual evaluations on a learning object and try to reach a consensus after hearing everyone else’s opinion. A first step focuses on each individual evaluations, where each participant briefly presents his / her validation. Later, points where major disagreement exist are studied with the help of a moderator who tries to guide participants to reach an agreement (but not forcing them to change their initial perceptions if they don’t want to).

Getting familiar with others' preliminary evaluations

During the negotiation phase, a shared Google docs spreadsheet is used by the moderator to integrate the validations and to modify them according to the changes suggested after the discussions run.

Integrating individual evaluations in a google spreadsheet in the MMOL environment

Preliminary results in other topics of our master degree will be published soon, as we think these technologies really look promising on bringing motivation to online courses compared to traditional LMSs.


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