Security course in the news

Today, IE members Elena García and Ramiro Cano appeared in the front page of the UAH digital newspaper UAH.ESNOTICIA, featuring an interview about the security course directed by Elena and taught by Ramiro and Valentín Martín: ‘Curso de Auditoría de Seguridad Informática’.

Elena and Ramiro at UAH.ESNOTICIA

Elena and Ramiro at UAH.ESNOTICIA

As stated by Elena in the interview,“in this course we train the students to protect their computers, specially when they are connected to a network, so they can avoid undesired accesses with harmful consequences to their data”. Sadly, security is not among the main concerns for Internet users, and this course tries to change that, aiming mainly at IT students and professionals, as they are and will be responsible for network infrastructures in universities, companies and governments.

In the interview, Ramiro talks about the famous and extended phising scams: “they impersonate banks by email, and ask for the credentials for bank accounts”, and also about the danger in social services and private data “there are custom-made trojan viruses crafted to steal specific data from the users: online games, social websites like facebook…”.

The third edition of the advanced security course (there is another ‘basic security course’) will take place at the Polytechnic Building in the UAH campus, and will begin next week, lasting until the end of July.


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