Organic.Balkanet second project meeting in Alcala

Last Thursday and Friday Alcala hosted the second project meeting of our Leonardo da Vinci project Organic.Balkanet. It was a a very productive and interesting meeting, including useful discussions which will be very relevant for the success of the project.

But maybe the words that better express what happened in Alcala during these 2 days are those of our coordinator, professor G. V. Roman, who said: “a very nice location – Alcala de Henares, an University City, in an academic environment of culture, science and history; a meeting room with complete endowment, very adequate for the meeting and in a very interesting building; very good accomodation in El Bedel Hotel; meeting room, accomodation, cafeteria and restaurant almost in the same location in the middle of the City, and… the very nice Joint Dinner, in a noble environment, with specific tasty Spanish drinks and food, and a friendly atmosphere.”

Group photo in Alcala of the Organic.Balkanet members

Photo of the group in the patio of the Malaga College (Colegio de Malaga), where the meetings took place


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