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Pilot training course of agricultural professionals and advisors in Adana, Turkey

This week, IE member Salvador Sanchez-Alonso is in Adana (Turkey) coordinating the first (of the three planned) pilot training courses of agricultural professionals, advisors and trainers. The course runs from the 8th to the 12th of November 2010, and is part of the activities of the Organic.Mednet project.

Different moments of the course activities

Apart from the trainers -members of almost all parner intitutions- the people participating in this training are advisors operating in the field of organic agriculture, teachers at vocational schools and trainers of farmers. The event is being a success as we have 13 agricultural professionals from the area of the Çukurova area. Later on, we will replicate the course in Spain and Greece.

From left to right Salvador, Zeynel (Çukurova University), Kostas (DIO), Bas and Charlie (IFSAT) and Xenia (Technical University of Crete)

The training course meetings are hosted by the Turkish partner of Organic.Mednet, Çukurova University, in the huge campus that this university has in the outskirts of the city of Adana. The weather is so nice that we (the trainers of the course) usually have a coffee after lunch in one of the areas outside the cafeterias, as in the picture above these lines, taken this afternoon in the one that faces the Seyhan reservoir.


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