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7th JTEL Summer School

This week, IE member Salvador Sanchez-Alonso attends the 7th JTEL Summer School that takes place from today May 30th to Friday June 3rd, in Chania, Crete, Greece. The summer school aims to encourage participants to adopt a critical stance in thinking about the role of technologies in providing opportunities for learners and the potential of these opportunities in terms of learning. This is an excellent opportunity to be inmersed in a learning environment where participants get opportunities to develop their research skills; increase their knowledge base; collaborate with others in their own and complementary research areas; engage in debate; have access to experts in the field; and discuss their own work.

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Salvador is representing the IE research unit by giving the talk “Ratings, tags, bookmarks and other species: some examples of quantitative research on information filtering in TEL”, which is more or less a guided tour on what we achieved in the last 4 years, our methods and results, as well as a definition of open research opportunities for PhD students. It is important to note that in the recent past, our group has developed a productive research line on the use of these data to identify underlying knowledge such as social relations, user preferences or hints on the quality of the resources to create applications for recommendation, filtering an item or learner clustering, to name just a few. Successes and pitfalls of this research will be illustrated in this talk from our past experiences point of view. Some pictures of the venue, the city of Chania and the people attending the event are displayed as a slide show above these lines.


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