Organic.Mednet final meeting in Alcala

Last two days the whole consortium of the Organic.Mednet project gathered in Alcala for the final meeting of this project. During the last 2 years, we have developed a level 3 curriculum about organic agriculture and agroecology for vocational students, identified the essential competencies that agricultural advisors, inspectors and experts need to provide to farmers, a methodology of work through the use of innovative training techniques and a set of tools that will facilitate access, usage and exploitation of digital educational content related to Organic Agriculture and Agroecology.

Organic.Mednet partners pose in the patio of the Colegio de Malaga, site of the Philosophy Faculty of the University of Alcala

Although we still don’t have the final decission of the Spanish Leonardo National Agency on the results of our project, we are resonably confident about the success we achieved and the results that were produced during these 2 exciting years of fruitful collaboration with this amazing group of people. The IE research unit group wants to thank everybody who participated in our preoject, not only to the people directly involved in the work packages but also to those attending and heling us out during our training events in Turkey, Greece and Spain.


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