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Second meeting of Organic.Lingua taking place in Alcala de Henares

During today’s afternoon and until the end of this week, IE members Alberto, Ramiro, Miguel Refusta, Miguel Angel, Giannis and Salvador will attend to the different sessions of the second Organic.Lingua project meeting. The meeting takes place in the Faculty of Law of the University of Alcala, in downtown Alcalá de Henares a Human Heritage city listed by the Unesco.

Organic.Lingua is a 3.5 million Euro budget project funded by the ICT-PSP program and coordinated by the IE research unit of the University of Alcala. The main aim of this multinational effort is to enhance the Organic.Edunet portal with educational content on Organic Agriculture and Agroecology, introducing automated multi-lingual services that will further support the uptake of the portal from its targeted audiences, facilitate the multilingual features of the portal, and further extend its geographical and linguistic coverage.

Different moments of the second day sessions


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