SPDECE 2012 in Alicante

As every year by this time, several IE members are strongly involved in the new (9th) edition of SPDECE, a yearly conference aimed at providing an open forum for educators and computer specialists to present and discuss research on the different aspects of Technology-Enhanced Learning. Therefore, SPDECE will cover, but is not limited to: new teaching and learning environments, content standards and metadata, learning objects and learning designs and repositories of learning resources.


Streets of Alicante (photo courtesy of "where are the joneses' " and taken from:

SPDECE 2012 emphasizes inter-disciplinarity and multi-disciplinarity, fostering interchange between educational and learning sciences, computing and other disciplines. The event thus welcomes papers using a diversity of kinds of research methods, including but not limited to empirical studies, ICT developments, action research and experimental studies.

This year’s edition will be held in the mediterranean city of Alicante, in the eastern coast of Spain.


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