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agINFRA – Short technical meeting @ Athens

On June 21st, a technical meeting took place at AgroKnow headquarters in Athens. The agINFRA greek partner team recieved their colleagues from IPB, SZTAKI, INFN, ESPOL… and of course IE member Jaakko Lappalainen. The day started with a very warm welcome (along with the hot Athens’ weather) by AgroKnow memebers Nikos Manouselis, Laura Gravilut, Giannis Stoitsis and other 2 or 3 Nikos-s 😉

Technical presentation at AgroKnow main room

The point of the meeting was to plan the development and deploy of a nice agINFRA prototype to show at the review in October.

AgroKnow headquarters

AgroKnow workers are very lucky. A very nice place with terrace surrounded by trees. An agricultural environment for an agricultural company.

AgroKnow headquarters' terrace

Everything is clear now. Everybody knows what to do. Good luck, agINFRA partners!


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