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ONTOSE’12 in Gdańsk, Poland

St. Catherine church

This week, IE members Leonardo Lezcano and Miguel Angel Sicilia attended the 24th edition of the International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE’12), that took place in Gdańsk, Poland. In the last years, the IE group has been the organizer of the ONTOSE workshop in the CAiSE conference. The workshop is centred in the role of abstraction in man-made systems (as complex Information Systems), social systems (as organizations, social networks or service systems) or natural systems (as environmental or ecological systems) and on how these abstractions are useful for practical purposes in advanced Information Systems.

As part of the workshop, Leonardo presented a research work titled “Modeling the context of scientific information: mapping VIVO and CERIF“. It was a pleasure to meet once again our colleagues Fabio Sartori and Pythagoras Karampiperis, who also presented their current works.

Below, some photos of the trip:

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