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During the last 2 days, selected members of the Open Discovery Space consortium met in Paphos, a coastal city in the southwest of Cyprus. The objectives of the meeting were to present the progress of the work in the different clusters so far as well as to ensure that partner responsibilities, activities and tasks outputs are aligned.


Miguel Angel during one of the sessions for cluster II discussions

Several IE members participated in cluster II meetings, showed the progress of the tasks we have been involved in and agreed with the rest on a detailed plan for the second half of the first period of the project.

Juanma Dodero from University of Cadiz and IE members Miguel Angel and Salvador pose in Tomb 4.

While in Paphos, and during the sessions, we met other spaniards that are also part of the consortium, such as Juanma Dodero from University of Cadiz and Luis Anido from University of Vigo. Together, we did some social activities, the most remarkable being the visit to the Tomb of the Kings, an impressive burial site formed by ancient tombs carved in the stone. This Unesco World Heritage site is very close to the hotel where we stayed -something like 1 kilometer away- so we felt we had to visit it before taking our afternoon flight back to Spain.


Open Discovery Space first coordination and cluster meeting in Cyprus


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