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agINFRA 3rd Project Meeting @ Belgrade

IERU members Miguel-Angel Sicilia and Jaakko Lappalainen attended the 3rd biannual meeting of this project in Belgrade, Serbia, on days 1st to 5th of october, 2012. The host of this meeting was the Institute of Physics Belgrade, a technical partner of the project.

Before the meeting itself, Jaakko attended a course on porting applications to the grid, just two days before the actual meeting started. IPB member Dusan Vudragovic lectured on how to port applications to a parallelized infrastructure while Riccardo Bruno from INFN, explained the same using the Italian infrastructure. Akos Balasko and Robert Lovas from SZTAKI did the same using the Hungarian grid.

When Miguel-Angel arrived, the meeting started. During the sessions, the partnership went deeper on design issues on the project and presented the status of several deliverables.





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