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SOCIRES Final Meeting in Graz

During the last 2 days IE member Salvador Sanchez attended the final meeting of the Leonardo DaVinci TOI SOCIRES project.The meeting took place in Graz, and was hosted by ISCN Austria.


The project aim was to define a set of skills needed to analyze and define social influences and responsibilities of an organization, as well as skills needed to define procedures that would ensure the optimal ratio between social responsibilities and economic interests of the organization. In this meeting, as the final after 2 years of activities, the sessions held focused on the results of the different national training events in Spain, Slovenia and Greece, on the dissemination results and finally on the final report that will be submitted at the beginning of the next year to the Leonardo Agency.


On the social side, even if Graz is listed as a UNESCO Human Heritage centre due to the “harmonious blend of the architectural styles and artistic movements that have succeeded each other from the Middle Ages until the 18th century”, the rainy weather and the packed working sessions did not leave much time for walking around and visit. The most remarkable event was the joint dinner at a typical Styrian restaurant, certainly a must for all visiting this beautiful region in the south east of Austria.


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