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Successful 2nd Organic.Lingua review in Luxembourg

Yesterday we had the review at the EU commission premises in Luxemburg. It was a good Review Meeting for the project, and we would like to thank not only the WP representatives but also the partners that worked hard to deliver on time, even if they did not participate to the actual meeting.image_2

According to the initial feedback from the reviewers and PO we had a good progress during the second year of the project. We sincerely feel that we managed to communicate the strong points of our approach, and contribute also into having a better understanding among us on the value of this project.

We received constructive and helpful comments from the reviewers. We need to do our best for these last 10 months to have the expected final results. I would like to thank you all again for the contributions and efforts so far in the project and hope that this last phase will be the most productive and exciting for all.


IE members Leonardo, Salvador and Giannis were in Luxembourg for the meeting and pre-meeting sessions. In the photos above, different moments of the pre-review meeting.


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