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SemaGROW 2nd Project meeting at Rome + LINQ2013 conference

IERU members Miguel-Angel Sicilia, Jaakko Lappalainen and the new member Alberto Nogales, attended the 2nd biannual meeting of this project in Rome. The host of this meeting was the Universitá di Roma Tor Vergata the first two days, and the rest was hosted by FAO at their headquarters in the downtown of Rome.

Wonderful terrace at Uni Tor Vergata

During the sessions, the partnership went deeper on design issues on the project and presented the status of several deliverables. The work on SemaGROW keeps on going!

At FAO took place the last 2 days the LINQ2013 conference, where IE member David Martín presented his recent research work


Also Miguel-Angel Sicilia gave a keynote speech… the future of the world seems to be decided here at FAO!



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