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6th Organic.Lingua project meeting in Graz

From Tuesday to Thursday last week, several members working for the IERU team in the project -namely Vassilis, David Martin and Salvador- were in Graz, Austria, for the 6th Organic.Lingua project meeting. We were missing Giannis, who participated from home as he was only 3 days to have a baby (he didn’t know by then that his daughter would be born this monday, congratulations!). So, the meeting took place in the Amedia hotel and was hosted by our Knowledge Center – Graz colleagues, which really did a fantastic job with the organization and recommendations for social activities.

During this meeting we revisited the vision and current status of the project using a scenario where different personas showed their perspective of the Organic.Edunet portal and their contribution to the project. It was a very important meeting as it the project has entered in the last 6 months before its end so the technological achievements are evident and tangible now, but the sustainability plan and the best practices document that will gather all the recommendations from our 3 years effort are right now being discussed and polished as the most important pending issues at this stage. The Ontology Evolution Services, aimed at generating suggestions for the evolution of the ontology based on the use of User Generated Content, the design and planning of the open pilots and the final touches to the Language Technology Framework were other hot topics in the discussions that we had. Below these lines, some snapshots taken during these intense 3 days (including some social activities by the way!).

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