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3rd Herbal.Mednet consortium meeting in Rome

The 3rd Herbal.Mednet consortium meeting is holding in Rome, Italy, from Wednesday 5th to 7th of February at the Alternative Economy City (the citta de laltra economia). IE members, Salvador and Enayat, have participated in the meeting and were mostly involved in the technical parts of the Herbal.Mednet project. Project partners reviewed the latest status of project as well as the deliverables during the first day and made important decisions regarding the training pilots including organizing, responsibility, assessment methods, and courses contents during the second day. Last day is devoted to establish a calendar for the next 6 months of the project.

Regarding the interesting place La “Città dell’Altra Economia” (Alternative Economy City) it is remarkable that it is the first place in Europe dedicated to fair trade, ethical finance, renewable energy sources, open communication, responsible tourism and resources recycling. In times a slaughterhouse, today this place hosts exhibition and documentary areas, as well as many other separate activities on a 3,500 square meters surface. Below some pictures taken during the sessions, the social events and also some taken in the open areas of “la città”.

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