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IE runs an Experiment on OpenSim as part of the SLRoute project

Spanish Learning Route (SLROUTE) is an industrial research and experimental development project whose main technological objective is the creation of a technological platform management, support and management of digital content targeted educational video game MMOG type.

The project is lead by Alcalingua in collaboration with Every View SL, Next Computer SL and the University of Alcalá, and has co-financing from Plan Avanza2 (Spanish National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Innovation), the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union (EU).

SL Route - OpenSim version - starting point.

SL Route – OpenSim version – starting point.

IERU is involved in the project, as part of the UAH team (the Alcalingua UAH group is also part of the project), and is currently researching on the general factors affecting the acceptability of immersive 3D adventure games for language learning and the preferences of  the students regarding  non-guided social interaction mechanisms in MMOL games and to which extent they are perceived as useful or desirable as a complement to the typical guided interaction of adventure games. For this experiment we are using a small version of the game using OpenSim, developed with the help of 3DLES.

"Quick start guide to virtual worlds" by 3DLES

“Quick start guide to virtual worlds” by 3DLES

David (Martín-Moncunill) was in the Alcalingua centre to introduce the OpenSIM platform and interfaces to more than 25 Erasmus students, coming from several countries – such as Brazil, Russia, Turkey, England, Italy or Germany – and with different Spanish speaking levels; and explain the concept of the SLRoute game and its game mechanics, aiming to get initial data on the perception of the participants and their preferences.

Introducing SLRoute

David, introducing SLRoute to the students

David gave a short talk about OpenSIM and similar platforms and explained the SLRoute concept and historical context. Then, the students filled a questionnaire to get information on their previous computer experience and basic demographic data, and on their pre-established ideas about the kind of interactions with other human players (PCs) and non human players (NPCs) allowed and the degree of free play that they would expect or desire to have.

The results of this questionnaire are going to be used in the rest of the research process. We will keep you informed 😉 .


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