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IE runs an Experiment on OpenSim as part of the SLRoute project

Spanish Learning Route (SLROUTE) is an industrial research and experimental development project whose main technological objective is the creation of a technological platform management, support and management of digital content targeted educational video game MMOG type.

The project is lead by Alcalingua in collaboration with Every View SL, Next Computer SL and the University of Alcalá, and has co-financing from Plan Avanza2 (Spanish National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Innovation), the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union (EU).

SL Route - OpenSim version - starting point.

SL Route – OpenSim version – starting point.

IERU is involved in the project, as part of the UAH team (the Alcalingua UAH group is also part of the project), and is currently researching on the general factors affecting the acceptability of immersive 3D adventure games for language learning and the preferences of  the students regarding  non-guided social interaction mechanisms in MMOL games and to which extent they are perceived as useful or desirable as a complement to the typical guided interaction of adventure games. For this experiment we are using a small version of the game using OpenSim, developed with the help of 3DLES.

"Quick start guide to virtual worlds" by 3DLES

“Quick start guide to virtual worlds” by 3DLES

David (Martín-Moncunill) was in the Alcalingua centre to introduce the OpenSIM platform and interfaces to more than 25 Erasmus students, coming from several countries – such as Brazil, Russia, Turkey, England, Italy or Germany – and with different Spanish speaking levels; and explain the concept of the SLRoute game and its game mechanics, aiming to get initial data on the perception of the participants and their preferences.

Introducing SLRoute

David, introducing SLRoute to the students

David gave a short talk about OpenSIM and similar platforms and explained the SLRoute concept and historical context. Then, the students filled a questionnaire to get information on their previous computer experience and basic demographic data, and on their pre-established ideas about the kind of interactions with other human players (PCs) and non human players (NPCs) allowed and the degree of free play that they would expect or desire to have.

The results of this questionnaire are going to be used in the rest of the research process. We will keep you informed 😉 .

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IERU day at UAH

Last Tuesday the whole IE staff, consisting of 20~ members that include professors, developers and students, organized a morning presentation session where each member briefly described the current state of the research projects he/she is involved in. As it can be appreciated in the IERU’s wiki, the group coordinates three European projects (i.e., ICT PSP VOA3R, ICT PSP Organic.Lingua and FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES agINFRA) while it is a member of the consortium of other projects with heterogeneous scope. That is the case of the European project Open Discovery Space and the national projects HEDECAMA, MAVSEL and SLROUTE.

The end of the session led to a cocktail in order to celebrate Christmas as well as the research success of the group, in spite of the difficult situation that the academic world is going through. Below, some pictures of the event…

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agINFRA 3rd Project Meeting @ Belgrade

IERU members Miguel-Angel Sicilia and Jaakko Lappalainen attended the 3rd biannual meeting of this project in Belgrade, Serbia, on days 1st to 5th of october, 2012. The host of this meeting was the Institute of Physics Belgrade, a technical partner of the project.

Before the meeting itself, Jaakko attended a course on porting applications to the grid, just two days before the actual meeting started. IPB member Dusan Vudragovic lectured on how to port applications to a parallelized infrastructure while Riccardo Bruno from INFN, explained the same using the Italian infrastructure. Akos Balasko and Robert Lovas from SZTAKI did the same using the Hungarian grid.

When Miguel-Angel arrived, the meeting started. During the sessions, the partnership went deeper on design issues on the project and presented the status of several deliverables.




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IE in SPDECE 2012 in Alicante

Last week several IE members visited Alicante for the annual Conference on Learning Objects SPDECE. This year’s edition took place in the University of Alicante and the group presented not only a good number of papers but also a keynote on our current EU projects and carried out several dissemination activities for projects Open Discovery Space and Organic.Lingua.

As usual, we met old friends and collaborators such as Juliá Minguillón from UOC, Manuel Prieto from University of Castilla la Mancha, Manuel Marco and Pedro Pernías from University of Alicante and Juan Ramón Pérez from University of Oviedo, among many others.


IE member Salvador Sanchez-Alonso and Manuel Prieto from University of Castilla la Mancha ready to share a typical Alicante paella 😛

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Organic.Edunet in Biocultura 2011

Last Friday, IE member Salvador Sanchez visited Valencia as part of the Organic.Mednet dissemination strategy. Salvador was invited by our partners SEAE (Sociedad Española de Agricultura Ecologica) to give a talk about what we have done during these 17 months in the project lifetime, the problems and challenges face and the results obtained. All in the context of Biocultura 2011 – Valencia edition, the annual fair about organic agriculture and responsible consumtion attitudes, an event with more than 100,000 visitors every year where people can shop in the producers’ stands, get informed about production methods and techniques, associations of producers and other commercial companies, or attend to a conference on a topic of interest just to name a few among the many activities in the program.

In the picture, Salvador with SEAE representative Jose Luis Moreno, and a volontary from CERAI in the stand that SEAE has in the Biocultura 2011 fair.