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Nikos Palavitsinis PhD dissertation

Last Friday, 21st of February, IE doctorate student and AgroKnow member Nikos Palavitsinis successfully presented his thesis METADATA QUALITY ISSUES IN LEARNING REPOSITORIES. The formal defense of the dissertation took place in the ancient Colegio de San Ildefonso of the University of Alcala, a beautiful baroque building currently hosting the Rectorate.

Nikos research work, supervised by IE member Salvador Sanchez and Dr. Nikos Manouselis, aimed to propose a set of methods that can be deployed throughout the life cycle of a repository to ensure that metadata generated from content providers are of high quality. The theoretical model (named MQACP for short) was applied on a Learning Federation of repositories, from day 1 of its existence until it reached its maturity and regular operation. Throughout each phase, the resulting metadata quality was measured to certify that the anticipated improvement in metadata quality actually took place. Based on the success of this first application, Nikos decided to validate the MQACP approach by applying it on another two cases of a Cultural and a Research Federation of repositories: VOA3R and Natural Europe, which allowed to prove the transferability of the approach to other cases as well as to present some similarities with the initial one.

It was a happy day for the whole IE team, many of whose members attended the dissertation (Enayat Rajabi, Rutilio Lopez, Paulo Alonso and David Marting among others). In the pictures below these lines, some moments of the day.

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Semagrow 1st review meeting in Luxembourg

The first review of the project “SemaGrow: Data intensive techniques to boost the real-time performance of global agricultural data infrastructures” took place last week in Luxembourg, specifically during the 20th and 21st of January. IERU group from Alcalá University was represented by Miguel Angel Sicilia and Alberto Nogales. The review was coordinated by NCSR Demokritos from Athens with the help of Alcalá University. The others partners presenting some Work Packages were FAO  and UniTov from Italy, IPB from Serbia, the Semantic Web Company from Austria, DLO from The Netherlands and AgroKnow from Greece. Miguel Angel Sicilia as main coordinator of the project explained WP2 about Project Management.

At first sight the review was successful, promising hard work during the second year of the project.

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agINFRA – Short technical meeting @ Athens

On June 21st, a technical meeting took place at AgroKnow headquarters in Athens. The agINFRA greek partner team recieved their colleagues from IPB, SZTAKI, INFN, ESPOL… and of course IE member Jaakko Lappalainen. The day started with a very warm welcome (along with the hot Athens’ weather) by AgroKnow memebers Nikos Manouselis, Laura Gravilut, Giannis Stoitsis and other 2 or 3 Nikos-s 😉

Technical presentation at AgroKnow main room

The point of the meeting was to plan the development and deploy of a nice agINFRA prototype to show at the review in October.

AgroKnow headquarters

AgroKnow workers are very lucky. A very nice place with terrace surrounded by trees. An agricultural environment for an agricultural company.

AgroKnow headquarters' terrace

Everything is clear now. Everybody knows what to do. Good luck, agINFRA partners!

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Working session on European projects with Nikos Manouselis and Cristian Cechinel

Today, Nikos Manouselis from Agroknow (Greece) and Cristian Cechinel from Universidade Federal do Pampa – Campus de Bagé (Brazil) are the keynote speakers in a working session organized by the Computing School of the University of Alcala. Both speakers have a strong background relationship with Information Engineering Research Unit of the University and have therefore been invited by us to participate in this knowledge-sharing event.

Nikos’ talk, entitled “Opening Up Digital Collections: a case study on the connection of cultural collections with educational activities”, introduced how digital collections of cultural and scientific institutions may be organized and exposed to Web portals and online services in order to support various user information needs and tasks. It has particularly presented the case of Natural Europe, a research project that connects museum collections with educational activities, allowing the design of digital educational pathways over digitized cultural items from Natural History Museums. After this talk, a discussion on relevant research directions and potential technology challenges took place.


Partial view of room E-101 during Nikos Manouselis presentation

Cristian Cechinel, a representative of the IGUAL project (which stands for “Innovación para la Igualdad en la Universidad de America Latina”) gave a talk about the project objectives and achievements, which basically are to improve the quality, relevance and accessibility of Higher Education in Latin America, particularly for the most vulnerable groups.

Cristian Cechinel during his talk

IGUAL project assumes that if more low-income students successfully finish their studies despite the deficiencies in their basic education, the project will have a direct, positive impact in the accessibility of higher education for a segment of the population (public schooled students) that is usually in a disadvantaged position compared with students that could afford private schools. The role that University of Pampa plays in the project was specially highlighted and detailed by Cristian.

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Organic.Lingua first year review

Yesterday we had the first review meeting of our Organic.Lingua project at the EC premises in Luxembourg. The overall trip included two day working sessions as the day previous to the review meeting, representatives of most project partners -mainly the WP leaders- worked on the presentation as a pre-review rehearsal that lasted almost the full Wednesday.

Panorama of the review meeting taken from the coordinator’s position

University of Alcala’ IE group is the project coordinator, and is also leading WP5 on the re-engineering of the Organic.Edunet portal. Therefore, IE members Miguel Angel and Salvador attended the meeting as well as Giannis Stoitsis who arrived from Athens. It was a fruitful meeting, because we received many interesting comments and feedback from the reviewers and of course from our Project Officer, who took the opportunity to let us know that she will be handing over her responsibility to another colleague because of her maternity leave.

IE members Giannis and Miguel Angel with Agroknow’s Nikos Manouselis having a fast dinner before the loooong night previous to the review meeting

After all the presentations and the hard work carried out from the project start in March 2011, the reviewers raised the green flag for everybody’s happiness.

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Open Discovery Space project kick-off in Athens

51 organizations from 23 countries gather from monday in Athens, Greece, for the kick off of Open Discovery Space – an innovative European Commission funded project (CIP PSP program) that aims to create a socially-powered, multilingual open learning infrastructure to boost the adaptation of eLearning Resources.

Panoramic view of Athens from the 11th floor of the President Hotel

According to Antonis Ramfos, Project Coordinator, “We are eager to rethink the current model of education […] Open Discovery Space aims to turn the world of learning upside down by creating an entirely new model that will become the most powerful engine of change and innovation that the world of education has ever seen.” Open Discovery Space will achieve its ambitious goals by engaging teachers and pupils in the co-creation of innovative, new educational practices, it will advance the modernization of school education and, ultimately, it will engage stakeholders in the production of new user-generated educational activities in a socially-empowered, multilingual environment and empower them with integrated access to unique eLearning resources from educational repositories around the world.

Information Engineering team has a relevant role in Work Packages 7, 8 and 9 (mostly devoted to software design and development) but also some effort in WP6 and WP10, and this is the reason why Salvador is from last sunday in Athens working but also meeting old friends from previous and running projects such as Mathias Palmer, Hannes Ebner or Juanma Dodero just to name a few.

Plenary session with more than 90 representatives from the more than 50 partners of the consortium

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MTSR 2011 at Izmir, Turkey

Last week, several IE members (in fact almost a full delegation including 2 senior members and 2 PhD students) were in Izmir, Turkey, to attend the Fifth Metadata and Semantics Research Conference (MTSR 2011), an event for researchers in the area of metadata and semantics with an inter-disciplinary focus. This year’s edition was hosted by the YasarUniversity and IE was, as usual, involved in the Organization committee, Scientific committee and Proceedings edition (as in previous editions, MTSR2011 proceedings have been published in the Springer’s CCIS Series).

Below, two videos from from the opening ceremony…

1) Canzonetta sull’aria from Mozart’s Le Nozze de Figaro to end the short opening concert by 2 Arts School students:

2) Miguel Angel Sicilia introducing keynote tutorial speaker Nikos Korfiatis:

Also, some pictures taken during the event:

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The event could be followed in twitter (#mtsr2011) and continously updated via the MTSR group in Facebook.