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6TH ODS meeting in Belgrade

During the last 3 days Belgrade, the capital and largest city of Serbia, hosted the 6th ODS coordination and 5th cluster meetings. The overall objectives were of course, to present the progress of the work so far, but also to ensure partner responsibilities, activities and tasks outputs are aligned and to agree on a detailed plan for 3rd period of the project.

A six months extension to the project was announced as a surprise to many of us, particularly to University of Alcala participants Maricruz, David, Enayat and Salvador, who were attending the sessions in a non-particularly populated room. Another important news was the presentation of the new project manager and assistant to the coordinator, Mr. Evangelos Argyzoudis. The Metropolitan University facilities, facing the Danube, were something to remember (see pictures below). As usual, the atmosphere was OK and we all had a great time biking on the Danube riverside.

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