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IE at SWIB2013

The Semantic Web in Libraries Conference (SWIB 2013) took place in Hamburg from 25th of to 27th November. The first day, a VIVOCamp was organized in order to present some ideas about the uses of the VIVO project which is developed by Cornell University. Alberto Nogales member of IERU group went there to present the VIVO component. That is a development made by the research group included in the agInfra project. That tool allows users to add new information obtained from Google Scholar to a VIVO instance. Finally that instance can be translated into CERIF in order to expose it as CERIF-LD.

Alberto presenting at SWIB 2013

Alberto presenting at SWIB 2013

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MTSR 2013 in Thessaloniki

MTSR 2013 Conference took place in Thessaloniki (Greece) from 19th to 22nd of November. MTSR is focused in the fields of metadata, linked data and ontologies. Miguel Angel Sicilia and Alberto Nogales member of IE research unit attended to it. Also two papers from the members of the group were presented there. First one written by Alberto Nogales, Miguel Angel Sicilia, Elena Garcia and Salvador Sanches exposed a quantified study about the impact of the vocabulary in the Web of Linked Data. Second one whose authors are Enaya Rajabi, Miguel Angel Sicilia and Salvador Sanchez presented a tool that convert excel or owl files into rdf using SKOS.
Everything went perfect. We keep on researching!
Night view of the city of Thessaloniki

Night view of the city of Thessaloniki

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SemaGROW 2nd Project meeting at Rome + LINQ2013 conference

IERU members Miguel-Angel Sicilia, Jaakko Lappalainen and the new member Alberto Nogales, attended the 2nd biannual meeting of this project in Rome. The host of this meeting was the Universitá di Roma Tor Vergata the first two days, and the rest was hosted by FAO at their headquarters in the downtown of Rome.

Wonderful terrace at Uni Tor Vergata

During the sessions, the partnership went deeper on design issues on the project and presented the status of several deliverables. The work on SemaGROW keeps on going!

At FAO took place the last 2 days the LINQ2013 conference, where IE member David Martín presented his recent research work


Also Miguel-Angel Sicilia gave a keynote speech… the future of the world seems to be decided here at FAO!


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LAK 2013 Conference

Last week, IE member Enayat Rajabi, attended the LAK 2013 conference and the ODS workshop in Leuven, Belgium. There was also a common meeting between GLOBE and ARIADNE members on 8th April (in the afternoon) that he participated as well. In this meeting, attendances shared their ideas about some issues that large educational repositories are faced. They discussed the topics in several groups and finalized them in a conclusion session.

Enayat also presented a paper in Lacro 2013 workshop held in the LAK conference. The paper reported on a investigation about keywords space of the GLOBE materials.


Enayat during his presentation at LAK2013

There was another meeting which discussed the ODS(Open Discovery Space) challenges and attendances shared their ideas about many technical and non-technical issues about this project. INTRASOFT led the meeting and posed several issues about statistical data over the ODS. Enayat was the UAH representative in ARIADNE General Assembly which held on 9th of April in the afternoon. ARIADNE General Assembly is a private meeting restricted to the ARIADNE members and considers the new status of current projects, opportunities and general ideas.


Night view of Leuven

The city of Leuven is a fabulous Flemish city, and it’s just a jump from Brussels (25km). Leuven (Louvain in French) is the chief town of the province of Vlaams-Brabant. It’s an ancient capital – the home of the Dukes of Brabant since 1200 – and in medieval times an important cloth trading centre. Today it boasts one of Belgium’s most ornate town halls and is Flanders’ oldest university town.

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IE members in MTSR 2012

Last week, IE members Salvador and Miguel Angel participated in MTSR 2012 in several ways: presenting papers, chairing sessions and overall networking with collegaues in other universities and institutions working in similar topics. This year, this important event for researchers in the area of metadata and semantics was held in Cadiz, a city in southwestern Spain. Below, some images taken during these days.

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IE in SPDECE 2012 in Alicante

Last week several IE members visited Alicante for the annual Conference on Learning Objects SPDECE. This year’s edition took place in the University of Alicante and the group presented not only a good number of papers but also a keynote on our current EU projects and carried out several dissemination activities for projects Open Discovery Space and Organic.Lingua.

As usual, we met old friends and collaborators such as Juliá Minguillón from UOC, Manuel Prieto from University of Castilla la Mancha, Manuel Marco and Pedro Pernías from University of Alicante and Juan Ramón Pérez from University of Oviedo, among many others.


IE member Salvador Sanchez-Alonso and Manuel Prieto from University of Castilla la Mancha ready to share a typical Alicante paella 😛


SPDECE 2012 in Alicante

As every year by this time, several IE members are strongly involved in the new (9th) edition of SPDECE, a yearly conference aimed at providing an open forum for educators and computer specialists to present and discuss research on the different aspects of Technology-Enhanced Learning. Therefore, SPDECE will cover, but is not limited to: new teaching and learning environments, content standards and metadata, learning objects and learning designs and repositories of learning resources.


Streets of Alicante (photo courtesy of "where are the joneses' " and taken from:

SPDECE 2012 emphasizes inter-disciplinarity and multi-disciplinarity, fostering interchange between educational and learning sciences, computing and other disciplines. The event thus welcomes papers using a diversity of kinds of research methods, including but not limited to empirical studies, ICT developments, action research and experimental studies.

This year’s edition will be held in the mediterranean city of Alicante, in the eastern coast of Spain.