ODS project meeting in Bayreuth

The 4th cluster and 5th coordination ODS meeting was held in Bayreuth, Germany last week, from Wednesday to Friday. IE members David and Enayat participated in the meeting. In the second day (Cluster II meeting), Enayat (and Kostas from GRnet) presented the work done in the past months regarding the ODS harvesting and its metadata analysis in WP7. They also discussed several issues, ideas and plans that ODS faces in the forthcoming harvesting round.

ODS partners also exchanged their ideas about some tasks which should have to be prepared for the review meeting in June.

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Bayreuth is a sizeable town in northern Bavaria, Germany, on the Red Main river. The town’s roots date back to 1194 and it is nowadays the capital of Upper Franconia with a population of 71,482. It is world-famous for its annual Bayreuth Festival, at which performances of operas by the 19th-century German composer Richard Wagner are presented. Above, some snapshots taken during these 3 days.

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IERU represents ODS in the final event of the Global Excursion project

The final event of Global Excursion project, took place in Brussels, from last Friday 14th to 16th of February 2014 at the European Schoolnet, where IE member Enayat gave a presentation in a workshop for teachers and project partners.

The Global Excursion project, whose main access point is available through ViSH repository (Virtual Science Hub), built over these 3 years a collaborative content repository where scientists and teachers are able to exchange and establish collaborations. As ODS is going to harvest as well as integrate ViSH to the ODS repository, Enayat presented Open Discovery Space in a workshop that was organized as part of the final event of the project and discussed both marketing as well as technical perspectives of ODS along with detail integration plan for connecting ViSH to ODS. A nice opportunity to disseminate our effort in ODS and create links to similar efforts in Europe.


Enayat presenting ODS to the participants in the event

Enayat presenting ODS to the participants in the event

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4th Open Discovery Space project meeting in Evry

The 4th Open Discovery Space project (ODS) meeting was held in Evry, France last week, from Wednesday to Friday. IE members, Salvador and Enayat, participated in the meeting and were mostly involved in the technical parts of the ODS project.

During Wednesday and Thursday Salvador and Enayat met OUNL Soude, Hendrik and Marlies to discuss common pending issues and tasks to finalize D.8.4. Planning is that all will integrate the discussed improvements and update their contributions this week.

Enayat also presented his work on a social visualization tool for the ODS recommendation system during the second day, discussing about the work done in WP7 within the second harvesting cycle by both UAH and GRnet teams.

From a more general perspective, the partners also exchanged ideas and plans for the project in the forthcoming year, specifically project positioning, training academies and dissemination.

Below, some pictures taken during these 3 days in Evry.

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IE in the last LinkedUP project meeting

IE member Enayat participated in the LinkedUP project meeting that was held in Berlin during last Wednesday and Thursday. Our group was invited by Stefan Dietze, an old time collaborator and colleague in previous projects like LUISA, to show the developments carried out by the IE group in the framework of the Open Discovery Space project. The LinkedUP project aims to push forward the exploitation of the vast amounts of public, open data available on the Web, in particular by educational institutions and organizations. As the Linking e-learning data to the Linked Open Data cloud improves sharing as well as reusing of the elearning resource, linking Linkedup and ODS projects makes a lot of sense. Several possibilities of exposing ODS learning resouces as Linked Data have been discussed in the meeting. Enayat, as the ODS representative, shared his experiences on several projects and presented the Linked Data issues of Open Discovery Space in the LinkedUP meeting. 
Linked Data exposure of ARIADNE data was also another topic which has been discussed during the meeting, as UAH is a member of ARIADNE project and responsible for adding Linked Data layer of its data as well.
Enayat presenting the ODS project to LinkedUp consortium members

Enayat presenting the ODS project to LinkedUp consortium members


Second Herbal.Mednet meeting in Athens

Last week, IE member Enayat Rajabi attended the second Herbal.Mednet meeting in Athens, Greece (during 30th and 31st of May). The project partners discussed the latest progress of the project and provided each other with updates on the technical and general aspects of their work. Enayat presented UAH’s progress on the Task 3.1 (Platform Design) and Task 5.1 (project website).

Victor Gonzalvez, proect coordinator and Enayat presenting at the meeting

Victor Gonzalvez from SEAE, project coordinator beside Enayat, during Enayat’s presentation

AgriMoodle as the e-learning platform of the project was explained by him and different functionalities of the platform discussed as well. In consequence, partners discussed different issues regarding the remaining parts of each task and agreed on a timeline to catch the deadlines.

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LAK 2013 Conference

Last week, IE member Enayat Rajabi, attended the LAK 2013 conference and the ODS workshop in Leuven, Belgium. There was also a common meeting between GLOBE and ARIADNE members on 8th April (in the afternoon) that he participated as well. In this meeting, attendances shared their ideas about some issues that large educational repositories are faced. They discussed the topics in several groups and finalized them in a conclusion session.

Enayat also presented a paper in Lacro 2013 workshop held in the LAK conference. The paper reported on a investigation about keywords space of the GLOBE materials.


Enayat during his presentation at LAK2013

There was another meeting which discussed the ODS(Open Discovery Space) challenges and attendances shared their ideas about many technical and non-technical issues about this project. INTRASOFT led the meeting and posed several issues about statistical data over the ODS. Enayat was the UAH representative in ARIADNE General Assembly which held on 9th of April in the afternoon. ARIADNE General Assembly is a private meeting restricted to the ARIADNE members and considers the new status of current projects, opportunities and general ideas.


Night view of Leuven

The city of Leuven is a fabulous Flemish city, and it’s just a jump from Brussels (25km). Leuven (Louvain in French) is the chief town of the province of Vlaams-Brabant. It’s an ancient capital – the home of the Dukes of Brabant since 1200 – and in medieval times an important cloth trading centre. Today it boasts one of Belgium’s most ornate town halls and is Flanders’ oldest university town.