Second Herbal.Mednet meeting in Athens

Last week, IE member Enayat Rajabi attended the second Herbal.Mednet meeting in Athens, Greece (during 30th and 31st of May). The project partners discussed the latest progress of the project and provided each other with updates on the technical and general aspects of their work. Enayat presented UAH’s progress on the Task 3.1 (Platform Design) and Task 5.1 (project website).

Victor Gonzalvez, proect coordinator and Enayat presenting at the meeting

Victor Gonzalvez from SEAE, project coordinator beside Enayat, during Enayat’s presentation

AgriMoodle as the e-learning platform of the project was explained by him and different functionalities of the platform discussed as well. In consequence, partners discussed different issues regarding the remaining parts of each task and agreed on a timeline to catch the deadlines.

meetings, Professor Roman

Herbal.Mednet kick-off meeting in Alcala

Today and tomorrow the kick-off meeting of the Leonardo DaVinci Transfer of innovation project is taking place in Alcala. This project will transfer training content that has been tested in Spain and Romania into Italy and Greece, as well as in new geographical region users’ group in Spain.


During the next 2 years, Herbal.Mednet participants will select and adapt existing training contents in organic farming of herbal, medicinal and aromatic plants that is publicly available worldwide to the countries of the participating user groups. At the same time, the project will transfer the innovative training techniques that have been developed for the agricultural advisors and trainers in organic Agriculture through previous initiatives like Organic.Mednet and Organic.Balkanet into agricultural advisors in a new thematic area: organic farming in herbal, medicinal and aromatic plants. In the picture above these lines, representatives of all partner institutions and other external experts pose in the rectorate building of the University of Alcala, where the sessions of the meeting are taking place.

IE member Salvador is representing UAH in the project, in which we are leading WP3 dealing with the design and deployment of the e-learning platform where the courses will be delivered.