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7th ODS Coordination and 6th Cluster Meetings

This week, the 7th ODS Coordination and 6th Cluster Meetings of the Open Discovery Space project are taking place in Helsinki, Finland. University of Helsinki is hosting the event, which started on Tuesday morning with the cluster II meeting sessions. Regading our group, the morning sessions of cluster II are the most relevant ones, as the Content data alignment is being discussed: Enayat has been presenting the updated results on the harvested, pending and new repositories, we have also presented together with Paul Libretch the current status of the search engine as well as the pending tasks. A later session of our interest lead by Open University of the Netherlands discussed the status and future work in the social information to be exposed and managed in the ODS portal, among other issues such as the social info-powered recommender engine.

Tomorrow sessions for cluster III are of special interest to us too, as we will present the work we did creating and giving the content providers online seminars as well as preparing a MOOC for anyone interested in joining ODS project as content provider. David Martin will be the IE representative in those sessions. Bellow, some pictures taken during these days.

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6TH ODS meeting in Belgrade

During the last 3 days Belgrade, the capital and largest city of Serbia, hosted the 6th ODS coordination and 5th cluster meetings. The overall objectives were of course, to present the progress of the work so far, but also to ensure partner responsibilities, activities and tasks outputs are aligned and to agree on a detailed plan for 3rd period of the project.

A six months extension to the project was announced as a surprise to many of us, particularly to University of Alcala participants Maricruz, David, Enayat and Salvador, who were attending the sessions in a non-particularly populated room. Another important news was the presentation of the new project manager and assistant to the coordinator, Mr. Evangelos Argyzoudis. The Metropolitan University facilities, facing the Danube, were something to remember (see pictures below). As usual, the atmosphere was OK and we all had a great time biking on the Danube riverside.

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4th Open Discovery Space project meeting in Evry

The 4th Open Discovery Space project (ODS) meeting was held in Evry, France last week, from Wednesday to Friday. IE members, Salvador and Enayat, participated in the meeting and were mostly involved in the technical parts of the ODS project.

During Wednesday and Thursday Salvador and Enayat met OUNL Soude, Hendrik and Marlies to discuss common pending issues and tasks to finalize D.8.4. Planning is that all will integrate the discussed improvements and update their contributions this week.

Enayat also presented his work on a social visualization tool for the ODS recommendation system during the second day, discussing about the work done in WP7 within the second harvesting cycle by both UAH and GRnet teams.

From a more general perspective, the partners also exchanged ideas and plans for the project in the forthcoming year, specifically project positioning, training academies and dissemination.

Below, some pictures taken during these 3 days in Evry.

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During the last 2 days, selected members of the Open Discovery Space consortium met in Paphos, a coastal city in the southwest of Cyprus. The objectives of the meeting were to present the progress of the work in the different clusters so far as well as to ensure that partner responsibilities, activities and tasks outputs are aligned.


Miguel Angel during one of the sessions for cluster II discussions

Several IE members participated in cluster II meetings, showed the progress of the tasks we have been involved in and agreed with the rest on a detailed plan for the second half of the first period of the project.

Juanma Dodero from University of Cadiz and IE members Miguel Angel and Salvador pose in Tomb 4.

While in Paphos, and during the sessions, we met other spaniards that are also part of the consortium, such as Juanma Dodero from University of Cadiz and Luis Anido from University of Vigo. Together, we did some social activities, the most remarkable being the visit to the Tomb of the Kings, an impressive burial site formed by ancient tombs carved in the stone. This Unesco World Heritage site is very close to the hotel where we stayed -something like 1 kilometer away- so we felt we had to visit it before taking our afternoon flight back to Spain.

Open Discovery Space first coordination and cluster meeting in Cyprus

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Open Discovery Space project kick-off in Athens

51 organizations from 23 countries gather from monday in Athens, Greece, for the kick off of Open Discovery Space – an innovative European Commission funded project (CIP PSP program) that aims to create a socially-powered, multilingual open learning infrastructure to boost the adaptation of eLearning Resources.

Panoramic view of Athens from the 11th floor of the President Hotel

According to Antonis Ramfos, Project Coordinator, “We are eager to rethink the current model of education […] Open Discovery Space aims to turn the world of learning upside down by creating an entirely new model that will become the most powerful engine of change and innovation that the world of education has ever seen.” Open Discovery Space will achieve its ambitious goals by engaging teachers and pupils in the co-creation of innovative, new educational practices, it will advance the modernization of school education and, ultimately, it will engage stakeholders in the production of new user-generated educational activities in a socially-empowered, multilingual environment and empower them with integrated access to unique eLearning resources from educational repositories around the world.

Information Engineering team has a relevant role in Work Packages 7, 8 and 9 (mostly devoted to software design and development) but also some effort in WP6 and WP10, and this is the reason why Salvador is from last sunday in Athens working but also meeting old friends from previous and running projects such as Mathias Palmer, Hannes Ebner or Juanma Dodero just to name a few.

Plenary session with more than 90 representatives from the more than 50 partners of the consortium